Go-Kart Supersport BF1 in Cork

Dino Cars Super Sport BF1

Are you ready for your next go-kart race? Soon your challenge begins? Get your DINO CARS Super Sport BF1 out of the garage. Check your kart. Check for optimal tire pressure and chain tension. And now it starts, off to the racecourse. The DINO CARS Super Sport BF1 is the kart with safety and comfort in the focus. The powder coated steel frame and the pneumatic tires with ball-bearings and easy run tires are the constants for a fast driving pleasure. The 6-point seat adjustment makes the racing go-kart compatible for children and adults from 5 to 99 years. The floating front axle - with extra large pendulum - allows all 4 wheels always stick to the ground even on uneven race tracks.