• Stay safe when shredding your new Rad Skateboard with a matching multi-protection set RAD skateboards bring you this 3-pack of protective gear to help you stay safe when venturing out on your first skateboarding adventures. This set will make sure you don't scratch or ding your knees and elbows, as well as keeping your wrists safe from snapping. Tech Features:
    • Hard-shell protection is placed on the elbow and knee protectors to protect against impact
    • The sleeves are padded, for wearing comfort and to bring more cushioning against impacts
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  • The HangUp kids skate protection set is a great value for money set. High quality at a great price. It is a skate protection set for beginners, which protect well and is versatile in use. Available in a wide range of colours. This set contains Knee, Elbow and Wrist guards with impact caps, soft lining and backing socks for extra comfort.
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