• Longway has made it easy for kids to get started the right way with stunt scooters For the smaller shredders comes this Adam stunt scooter, which is a great entry-level scooter that is ready for jumps and tricks, but without necessarily breaking the piggy bank. It is built to withstand the riding it will get subjected to by rookies but will not keep up with the more experienced riders. Easy to ride and great for going to school as well
    • The hardware combination means that gaining speed and keeping it is no sweat
    • The wheels and bearings mean that rolling off to school is fun and not hard on beginner's legs
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    Longway Metro 2k19 Pro Scooter Black

    165.00 Inc. Vat
    For progressing your skill-set from Rookie and beyond a Metro Scooter could be your thing Coming back for yet another season is the highly popular Metro stunt scooter from Longway. A scooter that is intended to be the next logical choice from the absolute beginner scooter. The smooth compression system makes it easy to nail newly learned tricks. All aluminum scooter To avoid weight from being an issue this scooter is composed of Aluminium parts where possible
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    Longway Metro Shift Pro Scooter (Black)

    170.00 Inc. Vat
    Go bigger on your tricks and look sharp with a fresh new Metro Shift complete stunt scooter by Longway For those of you stepping up from a beginner scooter, you will find a nice safe platform with the Longway Metro Shift scooter. Here you will swiftly start nailing tricks that were difficult before. This is because this is a lightweight scooter with a smooth spinning compression system. Tech Features:
    • Ride it with ease, thanks to an all-aluminium construction
    • The size is straight down the middle, so the Metro Shift can be used by most kids and teens
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