Segway Zing C20 E-Scooter Black/Red

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  • For teenagers and kids 10+ years
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Wear-resistant and solid tires
  • Mood lighting under footboard
  • Easy to fold
  • Top speed of 16 km/h

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The Segway-Ninebot eKickscooter Zing C20 is the ultimate scooter for teenagers from 10 years. With its lightweight frame in black with red accents, it looks fast and tough. The scooter also has cool mood lighting which is integrated in the footboard.

3 speed settings

The electric scooter moves forward by first step and then pressing the throttle. The electric scooter can be put in a Safe, Cruise and Turbo modus. In Safe mode you can reach a top speed of 10 km/h and this is perfect for beginners. The Cruise mode has a maximum speed of 16 km/h and is perfect for calm cruising. With the turbo mode you can show your friends how cool your scooter is, because in this mode you accelerate even faster and reach a speed of 16 km/h.

Range up to 20 km

You can come to a safe stop by pressing the powerful handbrake. The brake is located in the rear wheel and this provides more stability. The scooter also regenerates energy during braking and this will be stored in the battery. The scooter can travel up to 20 km and when the battery is completely empty, you can charge it in 5 hours.

Solid rubber tires

The eKickscooter Zing C20 is equipped with solid rubber tires, this means that they cannot go flat. This type of tires are also maintenance-free! The tire is designed in such a way that you have good grip and will not slip easily when you are driving.

Easy to store

The scooter is easy to assemble and store, you can fold and unfold the scooter in 2 steps. This makes the scooter easy to store and to take with you.

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