NKD 4-Way Ramp is a classic 4-way ramp consisting of four classic NKD single ramps. The ramp is particularly suitable for beginners on scooters, skateboards, mini-BMX and roller skates, but also offers good training opportunities for more experienced riders.

NKD 4-Way is made of reinforced PVC plastic and has support elements both below and at the sides. The 4-way bridge connecting the ramps also has a reinforced construction.
The ramp is non-slip and you can choose whether you want to fasten it to the ground or use it as a movable ramp. The ramp is easy and quick to assemble. Children can also put it together themselves and move it around. You can also use the 4 separate kicker ramps without assembling. They are 14.5 cm / 5.7 inches high.
The ramp has a maximum load of 80 kg and is very stable, as well as easy to transport.

NKD 4-Way Ramp is a versatile ramp that offers lots of entertainment and development possibilities with your favorite sport!