HangUp Outlaw III Kids Scooter (Green)

HangUp Outlaw III Kids Scooter (Green)

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This is an optimal and durable beginner stunt scooter for kids. It is designed with a strong one-piece bar and deck bound together with a solid triple clamp, which makes this scooter for kids great for learning how to do tricks and jumps.

The materials used are mainly chosen for their strength and therefore, mainly made from steel. To keep the cost lower the compression is threaded which is great for a child’s first scooter.

The size of this scooter is made so it will make learning even easier and fast for the smallest of riders between the ages of 4 – 8 years.

This 3rd edition comes with a brand new design on all parts but with the same focus and basic principle. Available in the highly classic green and black and also in a fresh tropical colorway.

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Total height: 69cm
Compression type: Threaded
Wheel diameter: 100mm
Weight: 109oz
Bar width: 435mm
Headset type: Non-integrated
Fork type: Threaded
Max rider weight: 165lbs
Material: Chromoly Steel
Deck length: 19.3″ (49cm)
Deck width: 4.45″ (11.3cm)
Concave: Flat
Fork design: Two-piece
Bar Shape: Y-shaped
Bar material: Aluminium
Bar height: 450mm


Bar outer diameter:

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