Complete Longboard Madrid Paddle Freestyle

Complete Longboard Madrid Paddle Freestyle

169.95 Inc. Vat

Treat yourself to a custom freestyle-dance longboard-setup based on this brilliant deck from Madrid

If you are looking to build your own longboard, and freestyle and dancing is your thing, then this Paddle deck is a sublime way to get going

Functionality and looks combined in a hand-built beauty

  • Popping freestyle tricks is easy with the functional kicked ends and the non-directional shape
  • If you like dancing on your board you will surely find ample space to do cross-steps and spins
  • You get a steady foot-lock thanks to the micro-drop concave shape in the stand-areas
Skill Level: First timer, Beginner, Intermediate
Riding Style: Dancing, Cruise, Carving


Wheelbase: 31″ (78.7cm)
Deck length: 42.5″ (108cm)
Deck width: 9.875″ (25.1cm)
Deck material: Maple, 8-ply
Deck features: Double kicktail
Grip tape: Pre-gripped
Riding Style: Freestyle, Freeride, Dancing