Madrid Fibreglass Longboard Deck (Boombox 2)

170.00 Inc. Vat

Introducing the new Madrid Fiberglass freestyle/dance longboard deck!

Lose yourself to dance with Madrid Fibreglass Longboard Deck (Boombox 2). It is one of the lightest and easy to pop freestyle and dancing boards.

  • Light and sturdy construction
  • Flex like no other
  • Kicktail, concave and fiberglass
  • Even though this deck is long, the kicked ends allow you to initiate spins and pop trick
  • This is further enhanced by the lighter construction used over the classic maple construction
  • Chose a flex that suits your style of riding and weight:
    • Flex 1 – Light flex: 100lbs (45.36kg) – 139lbs (63.05kg)
    • Flex 2 – Medium Flex: 140lbs (63.5kg) – 189lbs (85.73kg)
    • Flex 3 – Heavy Flex: 190lbs (86.18kg) and above
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10.00 Inc. Vat


31″ (78.7cm)
Deck length:
46″ (116.8cm)
Deck width:
9″ (22.9cm)
Deck material:
Additional materials:
Epoxy, Fibreglass, Bamboo
Deck features:
Double kicktail
Grip tape:
Riding Style:

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