KFD Team Deck Flagship White

KFD Team Deck Flagship White

49.00 Inc. Vat

With the KFD Team decks, you too can feel like a real team member. Build your skateboard around a KFD deck and enjoy the ride!

Skate in the style of the KFD Team with your next skateboard deck

Treat yourself to a great first-timer deck shaped and decorated in the fashion of the KFD team. Dig your feet in deep to the mellow concave and pull trick after trick in both park and street settings.

Great construction at an affordable rate

  • You will swiftly come to appreciate the pop and response of the Hard Rock Maple deck
  • Trust in the consistency given by the use of the single-press technique


Deck width: 8.25″ (21cm)
Deck length: 32″ (81.3cm)
Wheelbase: 14.25″ (36.2cm)
Deck material: Hard Rock Maple, 7-ply
Concave: Medium
Deck features: Double kicktail
Grip tape: Not included