NKX Carbon SUP Paddle 3 PIECE

159.99 Inc. Vat

The NKX Carbon SUP Paddles are top of the line paddles, worthy of Kings and Queens. This paddle shows what the true masterful artists at NKX Sports can create when allowed to reach further than the stars. NKX Carbon SUP Paddles are All-round SUP paddles perfected to be the ultimate and best. They are both for beginners and the ones with more experience within the SUP sport. The paddles are either one-piece, two-piece or three-piece designed making it ideal for all preferences. So, if you’re after a top of the food chain paddle, well, look no further, for the NKX Carbon SUP Paddles are about as high and on top as SUP paddles can go!


Blade material3K Carbon Fiber
Weight600 g / 1.32 lbs
Blade size48 x 21,5 cm / 18.9 x 8.47″
LS Retail Product ID96003361
Length69 x 85″
SKU0603001037837-three-piece-One Size
Shaft material3K Carbon Fiber

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